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Where They Live – Two Sisters

The Varonas are two sisters that live in two houses in a small village far outside the city of Holguin, Cuba.

L. and son Cristian.

Corrugated steel panels for roofing is typical.

The door in the distance is the outhouse and has no running water.



M. lives on the same dirt road a few houses away.

The sisters wash clothes together because there is only one washing machine.

The white rectangular unit next to the red barrel is an old Soviet washing machine. It is increasingly difficult to find repair parts and new Chinese models cost over 250 cuc.


Proud people, the women keep their houses neat and clean.

Where They Live – Two Brothers

While exploring a dirt road on the distant outskirts of Trinidad, Cuba my fellow travelers and I were waved into the homestead of Antonio and Jose Manuel Verde. These two brothers wanted to share their hospitality and show us around their farm.


Antonio did most of the talking, explaining when the mangoes would be ready to pick and guiding us through all the different crops that they harvest.

Cooking with charcoal.

Jose Manuel made us some of their home-grown coffee.




Down By The River


Chemical waste


All these things, and more, pollute the rivers and streams of Cuba’s cities.

I’ve seen the pollution. I’ve asked people why the rivers are so dirty. Of course they blame the government and they are partly correct, regarding industrial waste and sewage. But I constantly see Cubans drop papers, wrappers, pizza boxes, cans, bottles, cigarette packs, and garbage. It’s a learned behavior that starts when they are children.

The beaches that the locals use are also affected:







Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

The water here was actually gray!






This church group from Canada makes an annual trip to Cojima to clean trash from the shoreline.