Always Carry Gum.

I heard the crying from several houses away.

As I neared, I spotted her sitting behind the railing on her steps. A little girl with giant tears streamed down her face. I immediately started to mock her sobs in a comforting, parental way. “What’s the matter?” “Why the crocodile tears?” “What are you sad about?”

Her mother appeared in the doorway. I flashed some gum to her, asking if it was alright for me to offer. Her mother smiled and nodded.

I turned my attention back to the sobbing little girl and I stuck out my hand with a piece of gum. The sobbing stopped. The little girl knew what to do with the treat. In a flash it was unwrapped and in her mouth. Quickly she was joined by her sister and they started posing for my camera.
It didn’t take long for the tears to dry and smiles to appear.












Narrow Streets – Busy Streets

Centro Habana is alive and bustling

It’s where I prefer to stay

The bici-taxis, motor cycles, motor bikes, and cars (both old and new)   dodge and weave their way through streets full of children playing, old folks with canes or walkers, young people in a hurry, and
those just hanging out and talking.

The beeps, toots, whistles, rings, or blaring Reggaeton music warn all to step out-of-the-way.
Somehow it works.

It’s amazing that there are not a rash of accidents.