Getting Caught

Sometimes the shot jumps out at you and you have to react quickly. You compose and shoot without conversation because you know it won’t last. After a burst of 3, 4, or 5 shots you look at your camera to see if you can refine the image. It’s then that you realize that you got caught. Caught in the act of capturing someone’s daily life.  Most of the time they put up with it. Sometimes they flash you a smile or a Cuban two-fingered salute.  Once in a while they yell, wave you off, demand money, or simply disappear. In those cases, I’ll try to make amends with small talk, gifts, or a CUC.

I love photographing in Havana. I get away with a lot.

_84A0402a_b_c_fused copy

The approach.

_84A0406a copy

Caught – the wave off.

_84A0408a_b_c_d_fused copy

After appeasement.

_84A2665 copy


_84A2666 copy

Caught, but ……..

_84A2667 copy

a smile.

_MG_0684 copy

Caught – Cuban with a big knife.

_MG_0685 copy

…. and a smile,

_MG_0687 copy

so I approach …. (he’s still smiling)

_MG_0547 copy

Caught – two-fingered salute.

_MG_9297 copy

Caught – with a handful.

A Visit to a Cuban Hospital


My landlady and friend Barbara Rosales was suffering from abdominal pain for days. Finally, her husband took her to the hospital where she was admitted for appendicitis. Unfortunately her appendix had already burst and she had to spend five days in the hospital after the surgery. On the third day I was invited to visit with her husband and son. I wanted photos, but I was sure that my camera would not be allowed into the building so I borrowed a cell phone. Because I read a lot, I was not surprised by what I saw. The building itself was in dis-repair, although it appeared as if work was in progress. After a very long wait for the elevator we arrived at the recovery ward, three rooms lined with beds. Initial impressions: old, understaffed, dirty, nurses not in uniform, and of course no privacy. This was definitely not the much vaunted model of socialist free healthcare that most are led to believe exists throughout the country.

To be fair, this was a very small neighborhood hospital, but I was assured that most hospitals for Cubans are similar and some are worse.

IMG_20160723_151546 copy

Drinking water in used soda bottles.

IMG_20160723_151634 copy

Nurse’s station

IMG_20160723_151732 copy

Guests wander everywhere.

IMG_20160723_151814 copy

Ward 1

IMG_20160723_152023 copy

Another ward through the doorway.

IMG_20160723_152536 copy

Barbara’s son helping her to move.

IMG_20160723_152729 copy

Barbara’s husband trying to make her more comfortable.

IMG_20160723_153211 copy

The next bed. Note the pillow.

IMG_20160723_153936_5CS copy

The floor was filthy.

IMG_20160723_154140 copy

Barbara’s husband looking for an outlet with power inside the nurse’s station.

IMG_20160723_154319 copy

IMG_20160723_154520 copy

2nd floor area open to the sky.


IMG_20160723_154559 copy

2nd floor hallway

IMG_20160723_154649 copy

Two elevators (only one worked)

IMG_20160723_154729 copy

2nd floor area open to the sky

IMG_20160723_155059 copy

The stairway.

IMG_20160723_155447 copy

Outside in the entrance way.

IMG_20160723_155503 copy

Outside the entrance.

Hitching A Ride

I like to observe people.

Often times what they do and how they do it can be entertaining.

For Cubans, hailing a cab is more like hitching a ride in the U.S. The taxis have routes that they drive all day long, So if one stops, you first have to ask if it’s going past where you want to go.
Instead of putting out a thumb, the favored method seems to be variations of finger waving.


_84A4181 copy

One Finger Up. (optimist )

_84A4241 copy

One finger down. (tired )

_84A4244 copy

One finger hidden. ( gift offering ? )

_84A4205 copy

Two fingers horizontal. ( confident )

_84A4211 copy

The peace sign.

_84A4216.TIFa copy

Four fingers horizontal. ( testing one’s nerves )

_84A4231 copy

Four fingers vertical. ( the lazy method )

_84A4175 copy

Two and Two. ( not easy, obviously a pro )

_84A4235 copy


Hearing Aid

Ebaristo, my little Trinidad shoeshine friend recently complained that his hearing aid was no longer effective. I researched all the models and brought him the most powerful one I could find that was similar to what he had.

He was so appreciative that he quit for the day and invited me back to his home. I photographed him with his granddaughter and we drank coffee.

_MG_0993 copy

_MG_0981 copy

s-l1600.jpg 2 copy

_84A5497 copy