Behind Bars


A lot of Cubans live their lives behind bars, literally.

There seems to be a lack of windows and glass, which is no surprise because most goods are in short supply. Wooden shutters and doors close the openings when people want a bit of privacy and
of course barred doorways and window openings provide good ventilation in oppressive Summer heat.

What appears obvious on the surface also has a darker, more evil meaning. To me, the bars are a metaphor for living under a repressive communist dictatorship.

While the Cubans have an indomitable spirit and love of life, I’m certain they realize that they are indeed captives on their island.


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Friendly Faces

These Cubans represent the warm friendly spirit I’ve seen almost everywhere I’ve traveled on the island.
It would be easy for them to dwell on their living conditions, poverty, and government repression, but I’ve encountered little of that. Remember, these people have no personal property rights, no freedom of speech, no freedom of assembly, no right to a trial by jury. They live under a true tyranny.


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