Who Will Sweep ?

The streets are swept every day starting early in the morning. This is so that the sweepers don’t have to work too hard in the heat of mid-day. Most of the sweepers are older and have been doing their jobs for years. They do it out of personal pride and of pride in their neighborhood. But, I wonder, who will sweep the streets when this generation of sweepers gets too old. I don’t see any of the younger generation wanting to take over. They are more interested in jobs with the potential to earn more than the twenty dollars a month that the average Cuban earns. They want to peddle bici-taxis and eventually drive real cabs. They want to repair cellular phones and computers. They want to work in restaurants and hotels where they can interact with tourists and earn good tips. They want to be musicians and artists.


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The younger generation –

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So who will sweep?

Those who are told to sweep.