Silo City

I was fortunate to secure a spot in Mark Maio’s October workshop/tour of the abandoned silos and numerous other buildings known as Silo City. It can be seen from the end of Hamburg St., on the other side of the Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY. In fact, this is a good spot to catch the early morning light.

The real fun, however, starts when you drive onto the property, grab your camera gear, and choose a building to explore. Twenty-two of us had three full days of unlimited access.

_MG_0148_49_50_fused copy

Morning Light


_MG_1058a_b_c_d_fused  b  B+W copy

End of the Line



_MG_0753a_b_c_fused  B+W copy

Two Minute Exposure



_MG_0362_3_4_fused  b  sharp copy

View from the Top


_MG_1076   B+W copy

Unused Tracks



_MG_0736a_b_c_d_fused  B+W copy




_MG_0727aAnd1more_fused  c  depth copy



_MG_1139_40_41_fused   b  B+W copy

Endless Belt Man-lift



_MG_0700_1_2_3_4_5_7_  b  depth copy



_MG_0380_1_2_fused_ b_fused  b copy

Window View



_MG_1051a_b_c_fused  B+W copy

Gray Day



_MG_1063a_b_c_fused copy

End of the Line #2



_MG_1115  C  crop copy


The Portland Company

The Portland Company was established 10 November 1846 to build railroad equipment for the adjacent Portland terminus of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad connection between Portland, Maine and Montreal. Its first locomotive, the Augusta, emerged from the shops in July 1848 for delivery to the Portland, Saco &Portsmouth (later the Boston and Maine Railroad). Over the next several decades, the Company produced in its Fore Street facilities over 600 steam locomotives as well as 160 merchant and naval vessels, rail cars, construction equipment, Knox automobiles, and the like. Portland Company built the engines of the civil war side-wheel gunboats Agawam and Pontoosuc.Taking into account its other products, the Company could lay claim to being one of the leading medium-to-heavy steel manufacturers in New England. The company ceased production in 1978. Presently the site has become a marine-oriented complex with a small marina, several marine as well as other office tenants and the Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum.



_MG_5330_1_2_3_4  C  depth copy

Office Space




_MG_5433  B+W   b copy

Fire Door Detail




_MG_5297   crop   depth copy

Overhead Belt Drive System


_MG_5255  B copy

Inside and Out


  _MG_5308  depth copy

Hand Lettered Sign


_MG_5318  B+W copy

Wooden Truss Detail




_MG_5350  D   B+W copy

400 lb. Anvil


_MG_5355_6_7_8_9_fused copy

Bookbinder’s Space



_MG_5388_89_90_91_92_fused copy




_MG_5394_5_6_fused copy

Wall Detail




_MG_5397a_b_c_fused   Depth copy

Small Detail



_MG_5400_2_fused copy

Truss Detail



_MG_5403_4_fused copy

Well Worn Wooden Floor



  _MG_5444a_b_c_fused copy

Window Detail


_MG_5450 copy

Brickwork Detail


_MG_5462_3_4_fused copy

Window Detail



_MG_5465_6_7_7b_fused copy

Woodworker’s Space