I observed a lot of construction in Old Havana. I’m not certain what they were doing. Perhaps they were preparing to  bury water or power lines. I did notice that a lot of the work was being done by hand. I also noticed some of the workers wearing hard hats, causing me  to believe that a foreign company was involved. The usual ratio of those working to those standing around seems to prevail, even in Cuba.


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In the tourist areas of Havana, you can find people selling peanuts. They are tightly wrapped in long, thin, white paper cones. You get a small handful of, not particularly good quality nuts for a few pesos. The Cubans are friendly and very approachable. They know that tourists do not have pesos, but the more valuable CUCs.


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Acadia in Winter

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Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine is a favorite place of mine. I’ve hiked every trail and every mountain. I usually go in Spring and Autumn. This was my first trip in the winter. It was challenging to get around. There were not many places to park. Snowshoes did provide some access to less traveled areas, but I found myself wishing I had brought my cross-country skis. The park loop road was very ski friendly with lots of packed snow at least two feet deep. Below zero temperatures and wind were another obstacle.
All said and done, I got a few images that I like and enjoyed the company of two great friends. I’m glad I went.


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