Death Valley

I recently returned from a week in one of my favorite places, Death Valley, California. February is a great time to go, not too hot and not too cold. There’s a lot to do in Death Valley, whether it’s catching the morning light on Cottonball Basin, hiking in slot canyons, exploring abandoned mining camps, summiting 11,000 foot Telescope Peak, or getting your boots full of sand at Mesquite, Panamint, or Eureka Dunes.

If you want a different challenge, you can attempt to drive the 27 mile dirt road to the Racetrack Playa and back (at 11 mph at best) or the 13 mile one-way dirt road through Red Pass and Titus Canyon.

Or, if you’re the ambitious type, you can scoot  500 ft. down to the bottom  Ubehebe Crater (4 min.) and stomp back up again (14 min.). Makes for a good little workout.

I was lucky this time. No flat tires like on my previous trips. The weather was different this time too. Four days of a high thin overcast made for some very soft light and some interesting sunrise/sunset colors.

This is a panorama made at sunrise from Cottonball Basin. The good light only lasted a few minutes, but I was there early and waited for it.

Cottonball Panorama 2 b    1 copy



You have to love Nevada !

_MG_5071_b_c_fused  b   depth copy

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