Where They Live – Juan Carlos


I met Juan Carlos when I noticed him sitting next to a welder and, being a welder in my previous life, I tried to make conversation.   Fortunately Juan Carlos’ English was better than my Spanish. He was waiting for someone to pick him up and take him to a job.

Juan Carlos fabricates doors, windows, and railings. What I would call ornamental iron work. In Havana many people have bars on windows and outer doors with padlocks for security.             https://wp.me/p4fUlX-w1

Juan Carlos has become a good friend of mine over the last two years. He has let me photograph his apartment, taken me to meet his 92 year-old grandmother, let me photograph from the roof of his building, and introduced me to many people in his neighborhood.

Last year I purchased an electric grinder for him on the black market. Now he doesn’t have to borrow (rent) one when he has a job to do.

A modest, but clean and efficient kitchen.


A comfortable living area.

Stairway to a loft where his daughter and grandson sleep.


He keeps the welder in his bedroom.


Stories and photos of a dozen others in this series can  be found here:  https://wp.me/p4fUlX-AT


Slow down



Savor the moment

Something will usually happen.

If not, move on.

I was enjoying the artwork on the wall when this man walked by, stopped, and turned around.

I waited for someone interesting to pass by this wall. The color and stripes on this man’s clothing complimented the background.

Kids will always do something interesting.

I liked the blue truck against the blue background and then a woman in blue walked into the scene.

I was trying to document the construction in Havana. This woman shows the difficulty people had just to walk the streets.

It was interesting enough to see a trailer of fans being unloaded, but then I got a wave.

There is this attraction to the “Beatles” in Cuba. I stood across from this poster in Camaguey and simply waited for subjects to pass by.

I loved the colors and patterns framing this old couple in Havana.

Sure enough, this woman stopped right in front of this wall. I could not have placed her better, myself.

Hmmmm …..