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Pushing a home-made cart with used roller bearings for wheels, this man covers a lot of ground collecting cardboard for recycling. I’m sure it doesn’t pay much, but in Cuba every little bit helps.

On this day, I found him almost 3  kilometers from his home in Centro Habana. Keep in mind that many streets are not good and his cart does not roll well.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Somewhere under this pile of ropes, strings and flattened boxes is the cart he pushes daily.


Where They Live – Avarista

Avarista is an 81-year-old living in Centro Havana. She tells us that she is former film star. Her screen name was Arri Teresa Bruzo.


Her apartment is hidden in the interior of one of the huge old buildings in Havana.

Like almost all the living spaces on the ground floor, the air is thick with the odor of mold and mildew.


Havana Nights

This collection of  images  was submitted to the International Photographic Competition of the Professional Photographers of America in August of 2018 and judged as a non-event album .

These images were made in Havana during 2017 and the first half of 2018. Most were hand-held and shot at a very high ISO with only the available light. Nothing was posed or set up because I wanted to capture the mood of the city after dark.



Slow down



Savor the moment

Something will usually happen.

If not, move on.

I was enjoying the artwork on the wall when this man walked by, stopped, and turned around.

I waited for someone interesting to pass by this wall. The color and stripes on this man’s clothing complimented the background.

Kids will always do something interesting.

I liked the blue truck against the blue background and then a woman in blue walked into the scene.

I was trying to document the construction in Havana. This woman shows the difficulty people had just to walk the streets.

It was interesting enough to see a trailer of fans being unloaded, but then I got a wave.

There is this attraction to the “Beatles” in Cuba. I stood across from this poster in Camaguey and simply waited for subjects to pass by.

I loved the colors and patterns framing this old couple in Havana.

Sure enough, this woman stopped right in front of this wall. I could not have placed her better, myself.

Hmmmm …..











Colina Lenin

In the Havana municipality of Regla is the hill of Lenin. At 25 meters, the hill is the highest point within several kilometers. Great views of La Habana can be had from the summit.

On this site is a bronze sculpture of Lenin’s face created by the Cuban artist Thelma Marin. Surrounding the bronze sculpture are twelve white human figures, symbolizing solidarity with the October Revolution in Russia