We were fortunate enough to get some heavy surf along the Malecon in Havana. I wanted a different point of view so I put my camera on a small table-top tripod and placed it on the ground. I would take three quick shots, pick up my camera and back away a few feet to avoid the spray. I had the wave  timing figured out (I thought).

Yes, I got wet on this one.


_MG_7430  B copy

Follow Your Nose

It’s not difficult to find the bakery. The ovens baking the fresh bread every morning send the delightful aroma drifting through the streets of Trinidad. Some people show up to make their purchases and others will wait for one the bread men to load his bicycle and make a delivery.
Unfortunately, the aroma is the best part of this government bread. The crust is very hard and thick and the inside lacks any substantial texture or taste.


_MG_1593a_b_c_d_fused copy


_MG_1590a_b_c_fused copy


_MG_1578a_b_c_fused copy


_MG_1581a_b_c_d_fused copy


I don’t which came first, the building or the tree, but they have both been there for a long time.

I waited for something to happen and one man finally came by. I like the fact that only his foot is sharp. Both he and the tree are moving, but at much different speeds.


_MG_6157a_b_c_fused  Depth copy

Waiting For The Bread Man

In the pre-dawn quiet of the streets of Trinidad one can hear the bread men making their rounds.
Some whistle and some call out in a melodious lilt, but they all have a distinctive sound.
The woman in the doorway has heard the call and is ready to make her purchase.

I like the mixed lighting in this image and the reflection in the puddle adds interest to the foreground.


_MG_1425  C copy