Hitching A Ride

I like to observe people.

Often times what they do and how they do it can be entertaining.

For Cubans, hailing a cab is more like hitching a ride in the U.S. The taxis have routes that they drive all day long, So if one stops, you first have to ask if it’s going past where you want to go.
Instead of putting out a thumb, the favored method seems to be variations of finger waving.


_84A4181 copy

One Finger Up. (optimist )

_84A4241 copy

One finger down. (tired )

_84A4244 copy

One finger hidden. ( gift offering ? )

_84A4205 copy

Two fingers horizontal. ( confident )

_84A4211 copy

The peace sign.

_84A4216.TIFa copy

Four fingers horizontal. ( testing one’s nerves )

_84A4231 copy

Four fingers vertical. ( the lazy method )

_84A4175 copy

Two and Two. ( not easy, obviously a pro )

_84A4235 copy


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