Getting Caught

Sometimes the shot jumps out at you and you have to react quickly. You compose and shoot without conversation because you know it won’t last. After a burst of 3, 4, or 5 shots you look at your camera to see if you can refine the image. It’s then that you realize that you got caught. Caught in the act of capturing someone’s daily life.  Most of the time they put up with it. Sometimes they flash you a smile or a Cuban two-fingered salute.  Once in a while they yell, wave you off, demand money, or simply disappear. In those cases, I’ll try to make amends with small talk, gifts, or a CUC.

I love photographing in Havana. I get away with a lot.

_84A0402a_b_c_fused copy

The approach.

_84A0406a copy

Caught – the wave off.

_84A0408a_b_c_d_fused copy

After appeasement.

_84A2665 copy


_84A2666 copy

Caught, but ……..

_84A2667 copy

a smile.

_MG_0684 copy

Caught – Cuban with a big knife.

_MG_0685 copy

…. and a smile,

_MG_0687 copy

so I approach …. (he’s still smiling)

_MG_0547 copy

Caught – two-fingered salute.

_MG_9297 copy

Caught – with a handful.

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