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La Loma de la Cruz

La Loma de la Cruz

At the northern end of Holguin, a stairway built in 1950 ascends 465 steps (irregular in width and height) to the top of a hill with panoramic views, a restaurant and a 24-hour bar.
A cross was raised here in 1790 in the hope of relieving a drought. During RomerĂ­as de Mayo, devotees climb to the summit on May 3 where a special Mass is held.

Taxis are available to drive sightseers to the top, but I wanted to be able to say that I climbed the steps. The climb is probably best made in the cooler morning hours, but I wanted the evening light. So in 90 degree heat and 90% humidity it took me 25 minutes to reach the top.


Landscapes take time.

Time to scout.

Time to learn:

– where to be to find an interesting subject and a composition.

– when to be there …. the season, month, day, and  hour.

– what light you want …. morning, evening, or something in between.

So you go, armed with all your knowledge, and then you are still at the mercy of the weather.

Sometimes you get shut out, but sometimes you get lucky.

Having been to Vinales, Cuba only twice before, I considered myself lucky on the third trip.

We had some delicate valley fog one morning so four of us grabbed a taxi and offered the driver some money to take us about 4 miles out of town and drop us off. We planned to walk back and shoot on the way. It took some explaining to convince the driver that we were serious.