They watch from the streets, from corners, from steps, or they peer out of windows.

They sit, they stand, they pass the time of day, and they watch.

It may be because they want to escape their dark and dank living quarters. It may be because they have no job to got to. It may be because they have nothing else to do.

I believe it’s because Cubans are friendly and sociable people.
They like to smile and laugh. They like music and dance and they are ready to interact with fellow human beings.
It’s a pleasure to get to know them. I can walk a busy street in Havana, look everyone I pass in the eye, smile, and say hello. I get smiles and hellos right back. Try that in your average U.S. city of two million people, if you dare.

In the U.S., I might choose to give a posse of tough guys a wide berth, but I’ve not yet felt threatened while wading into a crowd or passing by a line-up of Cubans.

I might be naïve and I know I’m easily recognized as a tourist but I think I can judge character and for the most part, Cubans seem genuinely friendly. I get a good vibes.

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No I-Pads or video games here.
This young man wanted to show off a bit and demonstrate his home-made stilts. Recalling my own youth, I immediately identified with his imagination and creativity. I too, constructed all sorts of “toys” out of old lumber, baby carriage wheels, and straightened out nails.


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The Ultimate Poser

Ernesto Guevara, El Che or simply Che has become legendary with the help of Castro’s propaganda machine. Che images are everywhere and I’m certain no one dares to remove them. Che merchandise is for sale in all the tourist areas and his image is on the tres peso note.


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I met this Cuban in a park just outside my Havana hotel.  I spotted him and feigned surprise about seeing a reincarnated Che. He went into his posing routine and played the part well. We both had a laugh and a cigar.

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Anyone interested should read “Exposing the Real Che Guevara” by Humberto Fontova.



On the street it’s common to see men engaged in random games of chess or dominos. So I was pleasantly surprised to find the park outside my Trinidad hotel set up with a tournament for younger Cubans. Rows of desks and students with chess boards filled the park. Adults or older youth who were more experienced would play several games at once by going from desk to desk, making their move, and leaving the students to ponder where to move next. The children were all very well-behaved and seemed to enjoy the attention.


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Pre-Dawn Havana

Whether I’m in the mountains, the desert, or the city, I always enjoy the quiet stillness just before dawn.
In Havana the streets are mostly empty until people wake to start their day. The ever-increasing ambient light gradually combines with streetlights to provide unique photo opportunities.


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Old Folks

I like the term “old folks” and I like what it represents. To me it represents strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, and perseverance. In Cuba, these old folks have seen a lot of hardship since the revolution. Many remember the days when Cuba had the highest per capita income of any Latin American country and higher than most of Europe.  Jobs, food, and opportunities were plentiful. Cubans had a future to work for and a future to look forward to.
I’m amazed that their spirit is so strong. Old men are proud to wear a nice hat and a clean shirt when they can. Old women still fix their hair and put on jewelry.
They don’t complain. They probably wouldn’t even if they could.

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The Hat Lady

I met this lady last year and she was nice enough to provide a demonstration of her weaving skills. She had hands flying and straw whipping about and soon a hat started to take shape. It was amazing.
I visited her this year and she invited us into her home for a chat. She loved the photos I gave her and was happy to pose for more.

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Cuba 2014