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I stopped to greet a sweeper and heard a voice calling out from across the street. Another man seemed excited and as he approached, he was trying to communicate that he remembered me. He communicated that I had photographed him splitting cacao pods for tourists ten months earlier on the same corner where we were standing. It took me a bit to recognize him, but he was right.
Then he ran back across the street, ducked through a small door, and emerged with bunch of bananas for me.
Lots of great people in the small city of Trinidad.


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Elena is the “hat lady”. That’s how my friends and I know her.

You can find her in Trinidad De Cuba away from the streets that the tourists frequent, uphill from the Convento De San Fransico De Asis.

She sells hats, baskets, and fans that she fashions out of straw.
It’s amazing to see her work.



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Change is coming. That’s for certain. The Cuban government plans to double the number of hotel rooms in the next 15 months. I’m sure most of the new rooms will be in fancy hotels on or near the beautiful Cuban beaches. I suspect Americans, who are still prohibited from vacationing in Cuba, will see little difference. Cubans who are not “connected” with the ruling class will not benefit much. The best government jobs are always awarded to those who “know” someone.

On a more positive note, the wI-fi hot-spots created in parks around the larger cities are providing Cubans with the ability to communicate with family members on and off the island. People gather, day and night to connect with loved ones.
Of course the new black market demand is for SIM cards. Ahh …. capitalism !


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Hotel renovation in Parque Central, Old Havana.

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Calle San Rafael   Havana

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Trinidad, De Cuba


Gimnasio De Boxeo

I was on a mission to find the boxing gym I had visited before.
I had 8×10′ prints for the fighters I photographed in January and they were my entry “ticket”.
I sort of disrupted their training, but no one seemed to care. They all wanted to look at the pictures.

The coach suggested that we go buy some cold drinks for everyone. I knew that meant that I was to pay, but I was happy to oblige. No soda for the coach though. He grabbed a Bucanero and downed it on our walk back.


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Most photographers recognize that rain can provide unique photo opportunities. Colors appear more saturated, reflections can be found everywhere, and the texture of raindrops can add interest.

All my previous trips to Cuba were in January, a dry month. In October there was one or two rain showers almost every day.

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