We Are The Entertainment

We are the entertainment when Cubans see Americans …..

Paying one CUC for the 3 peso coin or bill with the likeness of Che Guevara that’s only worth about 15 cents.


An eight CUC  Cuban cigar that they cannot keep lit.

A backpack filled to capacity with who knows what.

Hand sanitizer hanging from the strap of a backpack. (certainly there is more inside)

A 1.5 liter water bottle in hand to prevent the feared dehydration we were warned about (and because it will not fit into the backpack)

A guide-book or map. (although no one can actually read a map)

A camera hanging around the neck because you were told “it’s safer”. (It will be stolen AFTER you get strangled with it.)

The latest iPhone.

White feet.


A five CUC straw hat.

As much sunscreen as an America’s Cup crew member

Eddie Bauer tropical wear shirts with SPF 50 protection. (Much too hot. This fabric does not breathe)

Zip-off pants of the same material. Of course, they are worn as shorts. (See above.)

The latest Che Guevara tee-shirt. (under the Eddie Bauer 60 dollar tropic weight shirt which is unbuttoned. Again, see above.)

Merrill Gore-Tex hikers or Teva sandals.


For a menu in English.

For a mojito at the Floridita Bar.

For directions to The Capitolio.

“What is in congris?”

“Which way is the Malecon?”

Cubans love to talk and they love to laugh.

We must be entertaining.


Image by Susan Downing.







2 thoughts on “We Are The Entertainment”

  1. Made me laugh, Mark!

    I am puzzled, though, by your jacket and the jacket on the guy in the photo. What’s up with THAT?! Was it actually cool in Cuba? I’ve never experienced cool weather or had a jacket like this with me on a trip.

    I’ve done my share of entertaining Cuban’s. Trying to speak Spanish, I once tried to offer a man some hair ties for his “pretty wife,” when I actually called him a “big pretty woman” instead. Thankfully he had a sense of humor and laughed instead of putting my lights out!

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