Down By The River


Chemical waste


All these things, and more, pollute the rivers and streams of Cuba’s cities.

I’ve seen the pollution. I’ve asked people why the rivers are so dirty. Of course they blame the government and they are partly correct, regarding industrial waste and sewage. But I constantly see Cubans drop papers, wrappers, pizza boxes, cans, bottles, cigarette packs, and garbage. It’s a learned behavior that starts when they are children.

The beaches that the locals use are also affected:






Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

Santa Clara

The water here was actually gray!






This church group from Canada makes an annual trip to Cojima to clean trash from the shoreline.

One thought on “Down By The River”

  1. Mark:

    It is amazing the amount of trash in poor areas Of various countries. Weather in Saigon, Phnom Penh or Cuba, trash is something for others to pick up. The desert SW of the USA has the problem. It is a result of people who Have limited pride of their environment. You Don’t see trash in Austria, Germany or especially Switzerland.

    Poor areas of San Jose, California area burdened With enormous trash problems.


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