Yes, I still get scammed. Most times I’ve heard it before and I can see it coming.

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This time the “hook” was different.

It started the same way, with a friendly “where you fron?” Then quickly went to posing for photos.

The hook was the five or six old 8 x 10 black and white photos this woman had in a notebook. Being a photographer, I was, of course, very interested. She took her time showing me while her friend was offering to take me to a merchant (or museum … it was not clear) where I could see more.

When I declined to follow them to this unknown place, the gentleman offered to write the address for me. He quickly moved to the outdoor bar that was very close and asked the bartender for pen and paper. I was getting a little impatient as he took his time writing  directions.

Before he was finished, three mojitos appeared on the bar. These two wasted no time grabbing their drinks and started sucking them down as the bartender laid a bill for 12 CUC next to my drink.

I’d been had!  What to do now?

I Raised my voice and in my best “John Wayne” and my worst Spanish I said “I didn’t order, I’m not paying”.

The couple looked at me and drank faster. The bartender looked at them. I looked at the bartender.  I never touched my drink. With a dismissive hand gesture, I turned and walked away chuckling, telling myself “don’t look back”.

Take My Picture

Sometimes people want you to take their photograph.

They may yell “foto, foto” or they may give you the two finger salute as they smile and pose. Of course you’re pegged as a tourist at first sight, so they assume you have money. Some ask for a CUC, but as often as not, they just want to talk.

This man is 83 years old. He sells an assortment of plumbing fixtures out of his doorway on the street Maximo Gomez (Monte).

I liked the light on this young man’s face so I offered him some gum.

These teenagers were not really in the mood for a photo, but the girl in the foreground on the left spoke English. She was visiting from Miami and was showing off for her friends by chatting with me.

This rowdy bunch was drinking at 10:30 am. I walked past them as they shouted “foto” so I turned and made this image. I did not stop.

This gentleman waved me over as I was passing. He made a motion to indicate I should take his photo. I made three or four images and tried to speak with him, but he never stopped laughing.

Showing off.