Beating The Heat

“You went to Cuba in August? ”

” Was it hot?”

” How hot was it? ”

These are usually the first three questions I get.

Yes, I  went to Cuba in August. When it wasn’t hot, it was hotter. I really don’t know what the temperature was. Partly because it’s measured in degrees Celsius there and partly because I didn’t want to know. It won’t kill you. People live there.

Some of the secrets to beating the heat:

Sit in the shade …. duh!


Sit in the shade and read.


Sit in the shade and sleep. (even if you are a security guard)


Lie in the shade.


Lie in the shade and sleep.


Stay inside (shade) and watch the tourists.


Stay inside (shade) and drink.


Have a shaved ice drink. (in the shade)


Go for a ride. (no shade)


Wait for it to rain.


Or ….. my favorite, go out after dark.



3 thoughts on “Beating The Heat”

  1. Wonderful photos. Your commentary made me laugh. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the 1950’s and ’60’s, without air conditioning. This is exactly how we survived the summers: quiet activities indoors or in the shade, and playing outside after dark.

  2. Love it! I went with a group in July a few years ago. I didn’t know how hot it was either because it’s measured in Celsius and I though it best not to know. All I know is it was HOT! And yes I did survive. Thanks for the great photos and awesome memories.

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