There are several large, well-known caves in and around Viñales, Cuba as well as many that are smaller and less popular.

On a guided walk through the tobacco farms we had the option to explore a small cave. After descending a few meters from the farmland, our guide Richard, lead us through a narrow opening in the limestone. We all grabbed our small flashlights as we were assured the passage would open up and become a less claustrophobic scramble to the other end.
I’m not a big fan of caves, but this one was just my size … ten minutes long.





Going down


Looking back


Looking ahead


The way out


Richard hugs his son as our tour ended.


One thought on “Viñales”

  1. Caves!….your brave….even 10 minutes would of had my mind on HIPPER IMAGINATION, textured ROCK made for great photo’s.
    Hug sweet. Happy Holiday*

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