Community Project

“This is a rough neighborhood”

“You shouldn’t be here with a camera”

“Be careful around here”

These are some of the warnings I got from the friendly Cubans I passed while exploring the neighborhood near the Havana train station.

This particular morning I had my Cuban photographer friend Luis Diaz with me. He seemed concerned with our safety, so I made an effort to be extra observant. We continued to explore and happened upon a street where there was a community effort to beautify the neighborhood.

I’m happy that we were not scared off.










2 thoughts on “Community Project”

  1. “This is a rough neighborhood”
    Was this really a serious comment? – have walked around this neighbourhood a zillion times without the slightest hint of a problem.

    1. A Zillion? You’ve definitely got me beat. Yes, it was serious comment made that I heard three times on three different trips. One never really knows who one is talking to or what their motivations are.

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