Window Seat

I’m always watching. Watching people. Watching traffic. Watching life go by. That’s why I prefer a window seat when I fly, ride, or sit for a quick lunch; as I was in this case.

While I waited for my sandwich this poor woman on the sidewalk came up and touched my arm. She wanted money for food. Lots of people need money for food in Havana. I politely said no several times, but she wouldn’t leave. She kept pleading to me with her eyes. Of course, I gave in.

Kilometro Zero is one of my new favorite lunch stops in Havana. Good food, good prices, and if you are lucky, a window seat.



4 thoughts on “Window Seat”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Great image. Her face seems to tell a story of a very hard life. Hopefully things will improve for her. Thanks for sharing this very human pic.

    Regards, Mark

    Mark Ettinger Photography 123 Fletcher Street Kennebunk, Maine 04043 207-294-2413

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