Outside The Cities

In the cities, buses and cabs are crowded and in short supply.

Outside the cities people rely on whatever transportation they can find.

_MG_1072 copy

School children and farm workers share the open back of a dump truck.

_MG_0890 copy

Daily truck ride to school.

_MG_1049a_b_c_fused copy

The family vehicle.

_MG_1086 copy

Better than walking.

_MG_0727 copy

Horse drawn cart, old Chevy, agency taxi, and government jeep.

_MG_0049 copy

2 thoughts on “Outside The Cities”

  1. Thank you for showing us how the regular people Live in abject poverty, really sad of the abusive Castro Regime does to its people.


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  2. I wonder if the people who SEE you with camera traveling through, want to say a lil’ something.
    “Hey Mr, This horse not only takes me to school but knows all the back roads of Cuba”.
    So much to learn from each photo.
    Nice to be out of town.

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