Living Simply or Simply Living?

When there is no opportunity to earn enough money to adequately feed and clothe your children, when the electric bill cannot be paid, when the water bill is in arrears, and when there’s no money for prescription medicines, hard choices have to be made.
Many Cubans do not have anything to sell on the black market and they have no relatives in free countries to supply them with the necessities of life.

There are a lot of Cubans caught in this way of life. Many of them are African or Afro-Cuban, descendants of the thousands of slaves who were forced to work in the fields harvesting sugar cane or tobacco.


_MG_0010a_b_d_fused copy

This is the only means of cooking in one Trinidad Home.

_MG_0011 copy

Table and chairs made of plywood and re-bar. Also an antenna strategically placed to provide the best reception for a very small and old television.

_MG_0079 copy

Outdoor drums provide storage for the water used to flush the toilet.

_MG_0088 c B+W copy

Barbed wire clothesline.

_MG_0048 copy

The electric bill, 186 pesos. Over 40% of the family’s monthly income.

8 thoughts on “Living Simply or Simply Living?”

  1. Mark, your images and the work you’ve done to get the real story continue to astound me. I wish I was traveling with you in January. I think this is very important work.

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