Bar Metropolitana

If it were not in Havana, it could be “The Brass Rail” or “Eddie Griffins” or “Forest Gardens”. It’s the same clientele, friendly working-class men and women who stop for a drink on their way home. No tourists here and the prices reflect that fact. A Bucanero costs 1.25 CUC, not the 3.00 CUC charged wherever the government wants a tourista to drink.

This is Bar Metropolitana. It was built in 1959, the same year as the revolution. Originally twice as long, the bar was shortened when a cafeteria was built next door. It’s staffed by young employees, but that doesn’t keep the regulars away.

I’m certain the classic wooden bar, with its nicks and gouges and well-worn patina, holds many tales.


A birthday party for the owner.

_MG_0552 copy

The Owner and staff.

_MG_0534 copy


_MG_0554 copy


_MG_0565 copy



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