Change is coming. That’s for certain. The Cuban government plans to double the number of hotel rooms in the next 15 months. I’m sure most of the new rooms will be in fancy hotels on or near the beautiful Cuban beaches. I suspect Americans, who are still prohibited from vacationing in Cuba, will see little difference. Cubans who are not “connected” with the ruling class will not benefit much. The best government jobs are always awarded to those who “know” someone.

On a more positive note, the wI-fi hot-spots created in parks around the larger cities are providing Cubans with the ability to communicate with family members on and off the island. People gather, day and night to connect with loved ones.
Of course the new black market demand is for SIM cards. Ahh …. capitalism !


_MG_0675  B copy

Hotel renovation in Parque Central, Old Havana.

_MG_0495 copy


_MG_0453a_b_c_fused copy

Calle San Rafael   Havana

_MG_0465a_b_c_fused copy


_MG_0467 copy


_MG_0444 copy

Trinidad, De Cuba


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