“Every Day Is The Same”

I heard it often and I heard it in English. “Every Day Is The Same”.
Maybe it’s the newest joke or wisecrack.

I even fell for it myself.
My Havana host asked “What do you think of the world today?”
I gave him my two-minute simplified rant in basic English, then asked him the same question.
With a wry smile he said “It doesn’t matter. In Cuba, every day is the same.”

Then I started hearing it on the street.

Maybe it’s the truth.


_MG_0521_a_b_fused copy


_MG_0510 copy


_MG_0438_39_40_fused copy


_MG_0451 copy


_MG_0424 copy


_MG_0276a_b_c_fused copy








2 thoughts on ““Every Day Is The Same””

  1. I was just feeling sorry for my self because I have a cold and canceled visiting family this Thanksgiving holiday. Now I will put these images to work, on how neat and tidy and control and money and power have so much importance and some time it’s the soul that looses out.

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