6 thoughts on “One Block Away …… Part 3”

  1. Thank you for the informative documentary Images. You work is great.

    I had complete left knee replacement on 11/4 in Portland, home by 11/6 and PT started 11/7. I am confined to the house until 12/4 when I return For my monthly check up. Doug Coleman came by Late last week for a visit.

    So I hope to get back to the PCC on 12/9 with a Cane to aide my walking.

    Best to you.


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  2. Soap IS Fantastic* Just hands amazing….could washing clothes be so simple….. and a beautiful smile.
    The color tones your working with plus care, bring together an unbelievable living and breathing reality….CUBA!

  3. That lead image is stunning. I remember you mentioning the 2 burner cook stove-this is even worse than I imagined. I have enjoyed seeing this series very much, and yes they “speak”.

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