Bici -Taxi

Pedi-cabs are everywhere in Havana. They are a convenient way to get around the city. If one is too tired to walk or if it’s raining, a ride on one of these home-made three-wheeled taxis is worth the two, three, or four CUC fare. Always negotiate the fare BEFORE the ride though.

Just one year ago, in November 2014, all the pedi-cabs were declared unlawful and ordered off the streets. I never learned what that was all about, but everything was back to normal in January 2015 and still is today.


Taking a Ride

_MG_0366 copy



_MG_0155 copy


_MG_0700 copy

Waiting for a Fare

_MG_0965 copy


_MG_0266 copy

I watched this policewoman make the owner of this taxi move his vehicle three times. He was not pleased.  Apparently he was too close to the tourist area near the Plaza De La Catedral on Calle Empradado.

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