Good Clean Fun

October is still the rainy season in Cuba. Two or three showers day was common on my recent trip. Puddles and wet streets made for great reflections, a photographers dream. The smooth, wet, inlaid marble of the Prado also provided these youngsters with their own “slip and slide”. They would run a few steps and either skate on their feet or dive onto the marble and slide on their chests. They were happy to demonstrate for me. We all laughed.

_MG_0688-Recovered copy

_MG_0675 copy

_MG_0667 copy

_MG_0657 copy

_MG_0678 copy

2 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun”

  1. The trees in the back ground have a lot of personality(Halloween energy).Can’t even image diving on to MARBLE. Nothing like playing in the rain especially at their age.

  2. This is a fun series. I bet they loved showing you how it was done. The boy in the blue is so intent on making sure you’ve “got him”. Slip and slide. I suppose awesome until you slip the wrong way. And I see you got the sideways finger pose too, always good-you’re in.

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