Cuba – October 2015

Is Cuba changing?

I think so. Most of the change benefits the government. More hotel rooms becoming available, better air service to the island, and better food will bring in more tourist dollars to the military. (lest we forget ….  military=government).

_MG_0001 copy
First Glimpse of the Island
_MG_0018aAnd1more_fused copy
Boeing 737-800 Eastern Air Line Charter Arriving in Havana. Nothing like flying in comfort.


However, the recent creation of wi-fi hotspots around Havana benefits anyone with a phone or computer. Cubans are now able to purchase pre-paid sim cards (?)  for their phones. They use them to video chat with relatives and friends throughout the world. The cards are not cheap, but people find the money somewhere.

_MG_0697 copy
People in the park on Calle San Rafael taking advantage of the wi-fi signal. In the evening there are hundreds of people in this one park alone.
_MG_0698 copy
Wi -Fi in the park.

Of course, lots of things are still the same.

_MG_0020 copy
Outside the airport taxis wait for fares.
_MG_0696 copy
Busy Streets in Old Havana
_MG_0435 copy
Pedicabs and “Cafeterias”
_MG_0701 copy
Street Vendors


_MG_0044 copy
Of Course, Old American Cars

_MG_0047 copy_MG_0040 copy







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