Going Blind

They’ve traveled the 400 KM from Trinidad, Cuba to Havana, Cuba twice. They spent eight days in Havana the last time while waiting to meet with doctors. Now it’s Official. My friend Regla’s husband Tomas has advanced glaucoma and has been told that surgery is no longer an option. It took over six months to get the diagnosis. There are no second opinions in socialist/communist Cuba.

He will go blind … soon.

I only hope that the government doctors are being truthful with them and not denying treatment for other reasons.

How do I now all this? Regla may be poor, but she is intelligent and resourceful. Regla is able to access an e-mail account two or three times a month and we correspond. I use an on-line translation website to read and write in Spanish.

_MG_1995 copy

Tomas Mailero

_MG_2005  sharp copy


_MG_2698a_b_c_d_fused copy

Their Family

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