Cubans always asks tourists for soap. So what’s up with soap ?
We got a good explanation from a clerk in a government store.
Soap used to be included in the Cuban ration book. Which meant, in effect, Cubans were guaranteed the opportunity to purchase a specific amount of subsidized soap every month (if they had enough money).
A few years ago soap was dropped from the government ration book. Cubans can still purchase soap when its available, but it’s no longer subsidized and a lot more expensive. In Trinidad de Cuba I found a store well stocked with soap and purchased some “Zest” for 2.65 CUC per bar (one CUC is roughly equivalent to one USD). That’s expensive, even for Americans. Now consider that the average Cuban only earns 20.00 CUC per month and the problem becomes obvious.


_MG_9217_8_9_fused copy

Inside a typical Cuban government store.


_MG_9225 copy

A Cuban ration book and pesos.


_MG_9251 copy

Explaining the system to us.


_MG_9227 copy

Toothpaste, bath soap, and laundry soap.


_MG_9246 copy



_MG_9244 copy


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