Son Cubano

(Son Cubano is a style of music that combines Spanish guitar melodies with African percussion rhythms.)

Disclaimer: I am no music aficionado. Generally, I prefer quiet. It may be my age or it may be from years working in heavy construction where silence is rare.

However, on this trip I truly enjoyed the music. Personable, young Cuban musicians interacting with their audience, playing on old, inexpensive, Chinese-made guitars provided great memories.

This group, Son Villalba, played it all. From the high energy “Bailando” to the wonderfully light, almost haunting version of “Guantanamera”, to Hector’s guitar solo of John Lennon’s “Imagine” where we all tried to remember the words.

Magical moments in Trinidad de Cuba.


_MG_0235  paint  2 copy

Son Villalba

Shot at 1/30, sec f2.0, iso 3200

“Painted” in PS CS6


_MG_2237  B+W copy



_MG_3082  paint copy



_MG_0187  paint  b copy



_MG_2229  Paint  2 copy


_MG_2937  buzz  sharp  B+W  2 copy


_MG_2974a_b_c_d_fused  B+W copy

Note how this guitar is strung. Three sets of two strings produces a unique sound.

7 thoughts on “Son Cubano”

  1. One of the main reasons I keep going back to Cuba is for the music. They are amazing musicians playing, for the most part, on very cheap instruments. I do hope our new relationship will bring finer instruments for them to play.

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