Six Friends

I knew this woman from my previous trip to Trinidad de Cuba. She’s a street sweeper. When she’s not out in the cool of the pre-dawn sweeping her streets, she can be found in the park next to the fancy schmancy tourist hotel asking for soap. I had come upon her two mornings before. It was a situation where we both stopped and stared at each other for a moment. At the same instant we both realized that we knew each other. Smiles and hugs and kisses immediately followed. She said she had six American friends and I was one of them. I gave her some money and wished her well. It was much too dark for a portrait, so off I went. She had learned from my photo partner which day we were leaving Trinidad and was waiting in the park that morning with gifts for US.  God bless these people.


_MG_3297 copy


_MG_3299 copy


_MG_3300 copy

4 thoughts on “Six Friends”

  1. Mark, I have been enjoying these latest sets of photos and your commentary immensely. You capture perfectly the joy, humanity, and dignity of these beautiful people. Looking forward to more posts!

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