“Everyone Is Equal”

That’s the official mantra of Communism, the ultimate form of socialism. Where else in the world can one go to see and experience the failures of a repressive totalitarian dictatorship? … (over 8400 Cubans were jailed last year for speaking out against the government) … North Korea?…China?…Russia?  You will only see what the government wants you to see in those countries. I suspect that it’s supposed to be that way in Cuba too, but the regime, in its need for the tourist dollar/euro/yen has lost control. As a result, one can easily observe that some are more “equal” than others.


_MG_6315_b_c_fused  B+W copy

2 thoughts on ““Everyone Is Equal””

  1. Yeah… I guess you can say that in the USA, when you see images like those, nobody thinks on that Declaration of Independence that says “all men are created equal”… me thinks…

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