A Non-Tourist Bar

How does it happen that two American touristas wandering the narrow streets of Havana get invited to sit and drink with average Cubans for an hour ?

First, we were in an area not frequented by tourists. (We might have even been advised not to be on this side of town.) We had cameras and gear bags and wore clean clothes so there was no denying being a tourist. Since the bar was open to the sidewalk, we were fair game when one man yelled “American”. I replied yes, turned, smiled, and walked in to shake his hand. Within seconds we were offered seats and were drinking beer. It took another few minutes for the “owner” and bartender to get comfortable with us being there, but once we were in, we were golden. I spread a few baseball cards around and C. used her Spanish skills and sense of humor to further engage our new friends.


_MG_6582b_c_d_e_fused copy

Outside looking In


_MG_6527 copy

New Friends


_MG_6536 copy

Tending Bar


_MG_6554 copy



_MG_6541_2_3_fused copy

Inside looking out


_MG_6572  b copy



_MG_6546a_b_c_fused copy

Signing the wall

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