Cuba 2015 – Evolving

No, not Cuba, me.

It was the best tour yet! The group was wonderful. We all had a marvelous time, but it’s no longer about my images.

It’s about my *gulp* feelings.
Today I finally broke down and cried. I fought it off for ten days.
Now I have to decompress.

My heart breaks when strangers take me into their homes and show me how they have to live: unpainted concrete floors walls and ceilings, a kitchen with a handful of dishes and one electric hotplate, minimal furniture, and government food rations.

Then a mother risks showing three Americans where her daughters have to sleep, mattresses with springs protruding, mattresses that are too short and are extended by folding clothes to match the height of the rest of the bed.

What’s the risk ?  She is afraid of the CDR. (the local government spies are on every block).

They could easily take her house and put her in prison if they suspected her of “ideological weakness” or “crimes against the revolution”.

I’ll never forget the pain in her face as she told her story.

Get past the obvious photo-ops and get deeper into the lives of the poor Cubans and it will break your heart.

_MG_0998a copy


_MG_1009a_b_c_d_fused copy


_MG_1011a copy


_MG_1025a copy


_MG_1019a copy

6 thoughts on “Cuba 2015 – Evolving”

  1. Mark, I am so proud of you. I mean this from the bottom of my heart. You my friend are connecting with your photography and those, *gulp* feelings are being delivered in you stunning photography. You have a gift my friend and now that gift is giving back to you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this process.

  2. Powerful and emotional images Mark! Thank you for sharing not only your images, but your emotions and time you shared with this family. Curious how things will change…

    Unfortunately, there are those that do not take the time to really look and consider others… especially those that are struggling to survive. I have volunteered with the disabled, homeless and Homeless Veterans here in the U.S.

    As the saying goes, “seeing is believing…” Taking and making the time to really see is one thing… Accepting what you see, shedding light onto a subject or doing something to assist or help… Hopefully things will change for the better!

    Thank you Mark! Powerful images and post! In looking at some of your other posts, you have a special gift and eye for awareness! Powerful work! All the best to us all!

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