History Lesson

This Havana artist spotted me taking his photograph from across the street and waved me over.
I thought I was in trouble and I prepared to take the hit. Instead, he cleared a place for me to sit and showed me some of his art work. He wasn’t upset at all. He then pulled out an old Cuban magazine from before the revolution. As I remember, it was dated 1957 or 1958. He spoke a little English and described all the photos as he turned the well-worn pages. There were photos of Havana in all it’s glory, photos of a young Fidel, and Che Guevara. It was a fascinating history lesson with pictures and a nice break from exploring the streets and neighborhoods in Old Havana. I thought he wanted to sell the magazine and I would have bought it, but he informed me it was not for sale. He did direct me to where I might find similar items. I regret that I never found time to get there.


_MG_8341 copy

_MG_8359 copy

_MG_8356 copy

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