Old Folks

I like the term “old folks” and I like what it represents. To me it represents strength, wisdom, pride, dignity, and perseverance. In Cuba, these old folks have seen a lot of hardship since the revolution. Many remember the days when Cuba had the highest per capita income of any Latin American country and higher than most of Europe.  Jobs, food, and opportunities were plentiful. Cubans had a future to work for and a future to look forward to.
I’m amazed that their spirit is so strong. Old men are proud to wear a nice hat and a clean shirt when they can. Old women still fix their hair and put on jewelry.
They don’t complain. They probably wouldn’t even if they could.

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_MG_2203   crop   depth copy

_MG_1322 copy

_MG_9653 copy

_MG_1643 copy

_MG_2098 copy

_MG_1377 copy

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