It’s not easy for Cubans to travel. A basic tenet of a repressive Communist regime is to limit the mobility of the people. In cities like Havana there are busses, but they are old, dirty, and overcrowded. People also depend on full taxis, pedicabs, and bicycles. Motorcycles are also popular, but not affordable for the average Cuban. Those that can’t afford to ride, can be seen walking.

Outside of the cities, people have fewer options. They ride horses or donkeys, they peddle bicycles long distances on substandard roads, or they hitch-hike. Hitching a ride is tough. People will wait for long periods on the roadsides. When a vehicle approaches they will wave a few pesos in an effort to get the driver to stop. Even though passing traffic is almost always willing to oblige, there is not always room in overcrowded cars so Cubans willingly pile into the backs of rack body trucks. If they are lucky, they get to sit on wooden benches. Otherwise they stand. At least most of the trucks have covers that provide relief from the sun.


_MG_9152 copy

_MG_9151 copy

_MG_0856 copy

_MG_0902 copy

_MG_1341a_b_c_fused copy

_MG_7621 copy

_MG_9194a_b_c_fused copy

_MG_0938 copy

_MG_0323 copy

_MG_0354 copy

_MG_1364a_b_c depth copy

_MG_0343 copy

_MG_0390 copy

_MG_0365 copy

_MG_0409 copy


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