They are everywhere in Cuba and for good reason. Bicycles are cheap efficient transportation.

_MG_1974 copy

_MG_1435 copy

_MG_0668 copy


Cubans also modify bicycles in all kinds of ways. They stretch the frames, add seats, and make them tricycle pedicabs or make them into carts to carry goods for sale.

_MG_1164 copy

_MG_0828 copy

_MG_0762 copy


Bicycles, like autos, do break.  Pedals, seats, chains and of course tires and tubes are needed, but parts are difficult to get. This creates a whole (capitalist) black market repair service. I watched a man vulcanize a tube in his small shop. I saw another mechanic on the street digging through a bucket of rusty parts looking for the correct sized bolt. He had a collection of mis-matched tools that I’m certain had been made years ago.

_MG_1262 copy _MG_1260 copy _MG_1254 copy

_MG_9282 copy

_MG_1267 copy


Of course, as a photographer, old bicycles make great subjects too.

_MG_7764a_b_c_fused   B copy

_MG_2054  paint copy


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