A Pottery Demonstration

Splitting into smaller groups to walk and photograph is a definite advantage.

One of our group of four found a home with a pottery sign in the window. Inside the doorway was a small room where some of the art pieces were displayed.  The lady of the house greeted us and offered a tour of her home. We climbed a narrow home-made steel staircase (more like a stairway found on a ship, but fabricated with re-bar and thin plate) to the second level kitchen and living area. From here we then climbed a set of concrete steps that were no more than one foot wide to the bedroom.

After returning to the ground floor, we passed four hombres sitting around a table drinking rum and were led to the pottery work area. We were then offered a pottery making demonstration. I thought the woman was the potter, but she called to her husband (who was one of the hombres). He put down his rum and started up the pottery wheel by plugging two bare wires into a socket. A clump of clay, a pot of water, and two gifted hands produced a beautiful vase in just a few minutes.

_MG_0126 copy

_MG_0128 copy

_MG_0087 copy

_MG_0091 copy

_MG_0095 copy

_MG_0104 copy

_MG_0125 copy 2

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