Havana – Follow Your Nose

Old Havana has a distinctive odor. It’s worse in some places than others. It’s a combination of auto exhaust, mold, mildew, garbage, urine, and sewerage. The streets of Old Havana have damp areas that don’t dry because something is always oozing from one old building or another. Overflowing trash containers regularly sit for days without being emptied. Street sweepers (men with brooms) are everywhere. They help with the trash problem, but not with the smell. The infrastructure is falling apart and it’s the fault of the government. After all, the government is in total control.

_MG_8444a_b_c_r_tonemapped copy

_MG_9133 copy

_MG_7917a_b_c_d_e_f_fused copy

_MG_9463 copy

_MG_9138 copy

_MG_8509a_b_c_d_fused copy

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