Laundry hangs everywhere in Havana. Indoors and out. It hangs from railings and balconies and from lines tied  between any sturdy posts. It doesn’t matter that the air is filled with 1950’s auto exhaust or that the city air has its own unique odor. Clothes must be washed and dried.   I doubt the average Cuban could afford to buy a clothes dryer even if one were available to purchase. So women practice the time-honored tradition of hanging out the wash. I remember my mother doing the very same chore.

Of course its different in Cienfuegos, Cohimar, or Trinidad where the air is fresher, cleaner, and the population is not so dense. It’s not so obvious, but it’s there. It’s the laundry.


_MG_9569 copy

_MG_9405a_b_c_d_tonemappedAnd1more_fused copy

_MG_9406a_b_c_d_fused copy

_MG_8166 copy

_MG_0027 b copy

_MG_2263_a_b_d_fusedAnd1more_fused copy


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