Food is scarce in Cuba. It’s a function of Communism,  central planning, and collectivization. The food that is available is not visually appealing. Fruits and vegetables are small, bruised, and appear to be unripe. They would never sell in the United States. Meat does appear fresh, but loses its appeal when seen hanging unwrapped and fly covered in the heat of the Cuban day. If the Cubans can afford food, they are happy to have whatever is available.

Some Cubans are able to sell a few food items out of their homes or from push carts.

_MG_0736  depth copy

_MG_1509adepth copy

_MG_1371 copy


Rice and grain are sold in bulk.

_MG_2077a_7b_8a_8b_9a_9b_fused copy


The rice must be picked over and cleaned.

_MG_1568  depth copy


Fresh pork with butcher in the background.

_MG_1422  depth copy


Pig sandwich

_MG_0352 copy

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