The Sale

A walk through the flea market in Trinidad led us to a very personable young Cuban selling a variety of wooden items. I was not interested in buying anything, but I did want to photograph him. He was quite a salesman, showed us a variety of items very quickly and smiled the whole time. He showed us a nice little wooden box that opened with a trick. Once I saw this I was now very interested. He ended up us selling three boxes, but not before we haggled a bit about the price.
I’m happy that he is not working at my local auto dealership.

_MG_1092a_b_c_fused copy

Feigning interest and sizing up the buyers.


_MG_1119 copy



_MG_1138 copy



_MG_1141 copy

That’s my best price.


_MG_1103a_b_c_fused copy

Done Deal

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