From the Roof

One morning in Havana I went alone to the roof of our hotel, the Parque Central. I’d been on this  roof  on this trip  and on my previous trip to Cuba. I knew where the vantage points were. I had made panoramas from this roof before. I wasn’t overly excited about the opportunity because I doubted that I could improve on last years panoramas. What I had forgotten was what I tell people myself … “outdoors the light is different every day and every minute of every day”. When I got to the roof and saw the light, I knew I could make an  image or two that I would be pleased with.

The first image was made looking east before the sun was over the horizon. The air had been still, hazy, and smoggy the evening before and it had not changed over night.

Havana Sunrise Pan 2014 copy

This is a six image stitched panorama with each image consisting of three different exposures. It would easily print about four feet long.


The second image was made looking west well after the sun was up, but because of the thin overcast and haze the light was very soft and warm.

Havana Pan B  2014  b copy

This is an eight image stitched panorama. Again, each image consists of three different exposures. It would make a print over five feet in length.


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