The Cars

I think everyone likes to see the old American cars in Cuba. They’re fun to photograph and they stir memories in those of us old enough to remember when our grandfather drove a Crown Victoria or any other classic.

As an old shade tree mechanic myself, I can appreciate the constant effort to keep these cars running. The Cubans are resourceful and inventive when it comes to their transportation. After all, there are no “Pep Boys”, “Autozone”, or “Napa” stores on the island. Many gasoline engines have been replaced with four-cylinder diesel engines of Russian origin. I can only imagine the complications of getting all the clutches, transmissions, and associated running gear cobbled together, not to mention the wiring. I’d love to get on the ground and look under some of these old vehicles, but the streets and roads are filthy and damp with all kinds of oozings out of even older buildings. (but that’s another story).

_MG_1335a_b_c_d_e_tonemappedAnd1more_fused copy      Paseo de Marti – La Habana  (Del Prado)

_MG_1330a_0b_1_fusedAnd1more_fused copy      Paseo de Marti – La Habana  (Del Prado)


_MG_8419 copy      Break Job

_MG_0656 copy      Leaking Gasoline

_MG_0789a_b_c_fused copy      Always Something to Fix

_MG_0206_7_8_fused copy      An On-Going Project

_MG_0650a_b_c_fused copy       Replacement Engine

_MG_9111 copy       “You Need a New ….”


4 thoughts on “The Cars”

  1. Mark, My wife signed up for your blog. I just would like you to know how much I’m enjoying it! The photos are spectacular. Keep it going. Regards, Alan Hymanson

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  2. Terrific series of images Mark… the follow option is now working. 🙂 (You didn’t, by any chance, see any 54 Fords? I learned to drive on a really cranky stick shift 54 Ford belonging to my Mom. It needed paint, wheel alignment or other (letting go of the wheel meant the car headed for the ditch on the right) and required popping the clutch to shift. To this day, I credit being able to drive about anything with a stick to learning on Mom’s beat up old Ford.)

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